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Message from the Dean

The Aim of the School of Education

Last autumn, I went to an elementary school near the university as part of a Basic Seminar in Educational Practical Experience class, with some first year students of the School of Education. The school principal posed the following problem to the university students, who were somewhat nervous because it was their first time visiting a school as prospective educators.

The principal said, “Please make words that express what you feel is good education and bad education by changing the “教(kyo)” in “教育(kyoiku; education)” to another kanji which has the same “kyo” pronunciation.
That day, the students came up many forms of “kyoiku”, such as “共育”, ”協育”, and ”響育” to represent good education, and some others like, “脅育”, “凶育”, etc. for bad education. I think the starting point of the leaning and research that takes place at the School of Education is in such interactions.
That is, I would like the student who thought that “共育” (“共” means “together” or “along with”, etc., and “育” means grow) is good education should study what that means. Who and who, what and what “grow together”? In the same way, I would like the student who thought that “脅育” (“脅” means “threatening”) is bad education should investigate what “threatens” children today.
We at the School of Education hope to that such investigations will make children’s’ futures bright.

At the School of Education at Kumamoto University, we seek students who want to come together and think about the state of education and the community. Our slogan is, “Raising students for a brilliant future”.

Hideyuki Yahata