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Elementary School Teacher Training Course

1. Aims and Principles
This course is designed for the person who strives to be an elementary school teacher. The aim is to develop teachers who are broad-minded and possess a deep knowledge based on a strong sense of humanity and high level of practical teaching skills. We need a student who has a strong will and a passion to be an elementary school teacher. Above all things, the most important thing is to love children.

2. About Course
There are two sides to the professional education curriculum: generalist courses in education and subject disciplines. Subject disciplines are divided into subject content courses and methods courses. The former prepares teachers with a broad and knowledge of subject areas and the latter includes: principles for educational practice, child development, the role of the teacher relating to children and the study of school pedagogy.

Foundation subjects in education include: Japanese constitution, information management, subject discipline courses (Japanese, social studies, mathematics, life environment studies, handicrafts, home economics and physical education). The other area concerns generalist courses in pedagogy: the modern educator, Introduction to Pedagogy, Fundamentals of Curriculum Studies, Ethical Education Research, School Counseling, Teaching Practicum, Primary School Practicum, Primary Subjects: Japanese and other school subjects.

3. Sub-major
This is the sub-major system in which students select one other field study when they go to the second grade. The purpose is to provide students with a deeper knowledge and wider view by adding another area of study. Students can choose one of 13 majors: junior high school teacher training course (10 majors), pedagogy, psychology, or special-needs school teacher training course. It is possible to obtain the qualification of junior high school teacher and special-needs school teacher.